Thanksgiving Jam

It is Thanksgiving, and I'm finally returning to the blog. I've been working on a lot of academic publications lately, and I've been neglecting my other work. I was hoping I would not have to write another of these in-between blog posts that explain why I've been away, but here I am. I'm full of turkey and pie, and I've been spending the evening worrying about the draft of my current article.

Soon, probably when the new year starts, I will be moving this blog to another site in hopes of increasing traffic and returning to a regular schedule. I will be giving myself a goal of writing one post a week. Many of these new posts will be about my personal adventures with music over the past twenty years. I've meant to write a few more personal blog posts for a long time, and I will be finally doing it. I also want to return to the Track This posts. My final consideration is that I want to write more about roots music and film. I have not even listened to that many new records this year, so I might not write a top record list for the first time in about fifteen years. Now that I said my piece, I am going to go eat some more food. See you on the flip side.


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