365 Films in 2017 #359-365

359. Jamaica Inn (1939), Alfred Hitchcock, Mayflower

360. Attenberg (2010), Athina Rachel Tsangari

361. Stagecouch (1939), John Ford, United Artists

362. Eating Raoul (1982), Paul Bartel, 20th Century Fox

363. Charulata (1964), Satyajit Ray, R.D. Bansal & Company

364. Les Diaboliques (1955), Henri-Georges Clouzot, Cinedis

365. Sicario (2015), Denis Villeneuve, Lionsgate

The Legacy of the Joke Band (Disguised as an Analysis of Ween): Part One

Recently, my friend Joe and I were continuing our age-old battle concerning the merits of Ween, a band that is often labeled a joke band, who recently broke up after years of creating musically proficient, genre-bending "joke" songs. A quick search on the internet shows that Ween has battled this label for years, and they probably tend to even welcome it, given such song titles as "Poop Ship Destroyer" and "Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)." Yet in later years, the boys in Ween proved excellent songwriters, who could assemble a killer band. Their various pastiches of different genres helped define the "Ween Sound," a far-reaching enterprise, indeed. Whether creating twisted country records with actual country session musicians on 1996's 12 Golden Country Greats, giving into their psychedelic tendencies completely on 1997's The Mollusk, or perfecting the pop song throughout their catalog, Ween always surprised. The Zappa comparisons were …

The Constant Agitation of Fiction

I often feel the pull of the written word, encouraging me to read and write fiction far more than I have time for. Yet I have so many stressors in my life, pulling me in all directions, halting my efforts and sapping my strength. It is all I can do to put a few words down on paper for a book chapter I am working on or scribble a few notes for my movie list. I write this from the standpoint of finishing my doctoral dissertation in the spring, teaching the equivalent of six courses, and trying my best to seek tenure.

During these rough spells, I have been trying to read fiction and slowly writing a little. Someday I hope to get back to my manuscript and at least finish one novel or a few short stories or pull a few more of my grey hairs out. I take comfort in the fact that many are late bloomers to this fiction game. However, I have been writing fiction for more than two decades and have never taken it all that seriously. It is a given, but there is something to be said for sitting down…

365 Films in 2017 #349-358

349. Fearless (2006), Ronny Yu, Rogue

350. The Cat's-Paw (1934), Sam Taylor, Fox Film Corporation

351. The Plumber (1979), Peter Weir, CEL

352. Rollerball (1975), Norman Jewison, United Artists

353. A Film Unfinished (2010), Yael Hersonski, Oscilloscope

354. Fat Girl (2001), Catherine Breillat, Canal

355. The Apartment (1960), Billy Wilder, United Artists

356. Jules and Jim (1962), François Truffaut, Cinedis

357. A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate (1923), Charlie Chaplin, United Artists

358. A King in New York (1957), Charlie Chaplin, Attica

The Drive-By Truckers and their Southern Rock Opera: Part Five (A Fatal Crash and a Rebirth of Sorts)


365 Films in 2017 #339-348

339. Goon: The Last of the Enforcers (2017), Jay Baruchel, Entertainment One

340. The Stunt Man (1980), Richard Rush, 20th Century Fox

341. The Night Porter (1974), Liliana Cavani, Avco Embassy

342. Escort Girl (1941), Edward E. Kaye

343. Test Tube Babies (1948), W. Merle Connell, Screen Classics

344. The Curse of the Cat People (1944), Robert Wise and Gunther von Fritsch, RKO

345. The Witch (2015), Robert Eggers, A24

346. Shock (1977), Mario Bava, Titanus

347. Cronos (1993, Guillermo del Toro, Prime

348. Bigger Than Life (1956), Nicholas Ray, 20th Century Fox

365 Films in 2017 # 329-338

329. Chafed Elbows (1966), Robert Downey Sr., Impact

330. Bed and Board (1970), Francois Truffaut, Columbia

331. I Married A Witch (1942), Rene Clair, Paramount

332. Monsieur Verdoux (1947), Charlie Chaplin, United Artists

333. Limelight (1952), Charlie Chaplin, United Artists

334. Dog Soldiers (2002), Neil Marshall, Pathe

335. Beetlejuice (1988), Tim Burton, Warner Bros.

336. The Spirit of the Beehive (1973), Victor Erice, Bocaccio

337. Repulsion (1965), Roman Polanski, Compton

338. The Skin I Live In (2011), Pedro Almodóvar, Warners Espana