A College House By Any Other Name: Stevens Point, Circa 2001: Part One

I moved in that summer, not prepared for a hot, festering several months in a strange, small house that had seen its share of drunken, college parties. I moved in with three other guys who I had known awhile: Dave, Joe, and Jeremiah. We were a motley crew: a punk rock English major, a brusque music major, a science major, and an opinionated psychology major. I was the progressive English major that flirted with anarchism, like a less obnoxious version of Rik from The Young Ones. In some ways, we resembled that troupe, except with far less humor.Joe was a more conservative psychology major who liked to argue. We were both from the same hometown and had honed our friendship as outsiders. Dave majored in teaching music; he was the authoritarian taskmaster that wanted to keep us in line. Jeremiah, the science major, added a new flavor to our little group of outsiders. We met Jeremiah when he took a room in the house the previous January. He and I would move into another house, The Lost Ho…

The Art of Long Walks

I've been taking long walks most of my life. I have many reasons: to clear my mind, to enjoy the outdoors, to exercise. Ah, who am I kidding, it is mostly to clear my mind and think. I like to walk for hours and take different routes each time, exploring each city and town I have lived in and taking stock of my surroundings. I want to explore each nook and cranny of the town because I am never sure what I will see or hear. It's exploratory surgery of the soul and feels akin to listening to a favorite old record that you have heard a thousand time but are always prepared to appreciate in a new way. Maybe you hear a wonky note or a backing vocal that you never noticed before. Or a fuzz box, drum fill, or exotic key change that never resonated.

Discovering where the trails are is as important to me as finding a new back alley path or steps to nowhere that invariably lead to a private yard. These moments of discovery make my walks worthwhile. I sometimes take trails that I shouldn…

Films I watched in 2019 Part Seven: 2016-2019

Black Sun (2016), Laura Huertas Millan

Shin Godzilla (2016), Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, Toho

Train to Busan (2016), Yeon Sang-Ho, Next Entertainment World

Don't Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker (2017), Keith Schieron and Tim Irwin, Rocket Films

The Eternals (2017), Pierre Yves-Vandeweerd

Hanagatami (2017), Nobuhiko Obayoshi, PSC Karatsu Film Committee

Jean Rouch: The Adventurous Filmmaker (2017), Laurent Vedrine, Rue des Roches Noires

Films I watched in 2019 Part Six: 1995-2015

Little Odessa (1995), James Gray, Fine Line

Canadian Bacon (1995), Michael Moore, MGM

The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995), Philip Ridley, Seville

The Whole Wide World(1996), Dan Ireland, Sony Pictures Releasing

Doctor Chance (1997), F.J. Ossang, Canal

Buffalo '66 (1998), Vincent Gallo, Lions Gate

The Limey (1999), Steven Soderbergh, Artisan