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365 Films in 2017 #279-288

279. Memento (2000), Christopher Nolan, Newmarket

280. Following (1998), Christopher Nolan, Momentum

281. Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937), James P. Hogan, Paramount

282. Checking Out (1989), David Leland, Warner Bros.

283. Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1939), James P. Hogan, Paramount

284. Foreign Correspondent (1940), Alfred Hitchcock, United Artists

285. Stalker (1979), Andrei Tarkovsky, Mosfilm

286. Multiple Maniacs (1970), John Waters, New Line

287. Mur Murs (1981), Agnès Varda, DPI

288. Straight Time (1978), Ulu Grosbard, Warner Bros.

The Drive-By Truckers and their Southern Rock Opera: Part One (Introductions)


365 Films in 2017 #269-278

269. Fish Tank (2009), Andrea Arnold, Curzon Artificial Eye

270. The Hurt Locker (2008), Kathryn Bigelow, Summit

271. Dune (1984), David Lynch, Universal

272. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), Joel Zwick, IFC

273. Rope (1948), Alfred Hitchcock, Warner Bros.

274. The Birds (1963), Alfred Hitchcock, Universal

275. Feet First (1930), Clyde Bruckman, Paramount

276. Documenteur: An Emotion Picture (1981), Agnes Varda, DPI

277. The Baron of Arizona (1950), Samuel Fuller, Lippert

278. Mr. Freedom (1968), William Klein, Grove Press

Track This: Greenberry Woods' "I Knew You Would"

The Greenberry Woods is a power pop band that I almost missed because I disliked them when I heard them on a Huh compilation in the 90s. Years later, I returned to them once I realized how much I loved their album Big Money Item. The band writes catchy songs and follows familiar formulas, yet their songs have surprising staying power.

"I Knew You Would" is a lost gem, capturing what they do best. Raspberries-esque guitar passages and sweet, harmony vocals capture a timeless era in pop music. Check it out.

365 Films in 2017 # 259-268

259. Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937), Louis King, Paramount

260. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), David Lynch, New Line Cinema

261. Crash (2004), Paul Haggis, Lionsgate

262. Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (2005), Randall Miller, Samuel Goldwyn

263. A Walk in the Woods (2015), Ken Kwapis, Broad Green

264. Paris, Texas (1984), Wim Wenders, Argos

265. Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch, Libra

266. Powwow Highway (1989), Jonathan Wacks, Anchor Bay

267. The Man Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail (1945), Akira Kurosawa, Toho

268. Mikey and Nicky (1976), Elaine May, Paramount

365 Films in 2017 # 249-258

249. Manhattan (1979), Woody Allen, United Artists

250. Straight To Hell (1987), Alex Cox, Island Pictures

251. The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934), Walter Summers, Wardour

252. Welcome Danger (1929), Clyde Bruckman and Malcolm St. Clair (Unc.), Paramount

253. A Short Film About Killing (1988), Krzysztof Kieślowski, Film Polski

254. Young and Innocent (1937), Alfred Hitchcock, Gaumont

255. Shoot the Piano Player (1960), François Truffaut,  Les Films du Carrosse

256. On Dangerous Ground (1951), Nicholas Ray, RKO

257. That Touch of Mink (1962), Delbert Mann, Universal

258. They Drive By Night (1940), Raoul Walsh, Warner Bros.