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Do you ever fear a knock on the door? I often do. Insular, I slide back inside myself, closing the door and pulling the covers up tight. I hide from the world and myself, floundering, foundering, trying not to rock the boat or any boats.

Most of the Time: A Cliched Tale of My Recent Adventures

When I was younger, I always had a lot of optimism, despite my penchant for periods of morose pondering. I fretted and worried about everything, yet I always had the belief that everything would work out as I envisioned. As I get older, I'm not so sure that I even want things to work out quite the way I planned.

I've spent a number of years in academia pursuing my PhD in Film and American Literature, and I am extremely close to defending my dissertation. The entire document is now in the hands of my committee. My dissertation director and former professors have all been an immense help in this process. Soon I will be editing the final manuscript and preparing for the defense, which will hopefully be in February or March. Then, I can start the interminable process of revising chapters for possible publication. Right now, I also have a chapter to finish for upcoming publication in an edited collection.

This year I also took a position as a full-time instructor back in my old st…

Still Alive Out Here

I'm still plugging away on my dissertation, which keeps getting moved back but will surely be defended by this spring. Then, I hope to return to a regular schedule of blog posts. I am currently teaching five courses and trying to finish up, as well as work on revisions for journal articles, etc. Life is busy.