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Snippets -- Clutched From Other Lives

I'm throwing a fiction snippet up just for fun. I probably won't do many more, but if anyone likes this, I might post again. I enjoy being thrown into the middle of the action, and I want to see what others think. We often live vicariously through the work of others -- nightly television programs, crime novels, postmodern literature, neighborhood gossip, whatever our vice of the moment is. How often though do we really imagine what it would be like to truly participate in these other stories? Instead of relying on the distance that the fictional barrier creates, can we truly confront these other worlds? Or must we be content to live vicariously through stories told by others? Creating or narrating our own stories or adding to the overall discussion is always a possibility. I would like to continue that discussion, whether it be blurring the lines in writing, by putting ourselves in the place of others. Or, perhaps, just keeping an open mind to the other lives and possibilities…

Sebadoh 2012: Still College Rock After All These Years

I never got to see Sebadoh back in the vaunted "Alternative" 1990's.  After I saw them on 120 minutes for the first time, I was extremely impressed with their live performance of "Rebound." Once I had Bakesale and The Sebadoh in hand, I quickly consumed the rest of their catalog, buying up anything related to Lou Barlow that I could find. Sebadoh records were always good -- Barlow's confessional songs slotted in smoothly next to Jason Lowenstein's rock and roll/hardcore rave-ups -- Barlow's solo records were spotty and, ultimately, less satisfying. Gems popped up on each Sentridoh album, but Barlow seemed more interested in putting all of his songs out, warts and all, than crafting a cohesive record. As he himself admits, many of the songs were the work of a pothead, who thought his lyrics were deep. Offset by the dross, the great songs shine, yet it wasn't until Barlow released his "first" (this can be debated) solo record, Emoh that…

Drawings in Books: Shakespeare Edition

I have an odd habit of finding drawings in library books. Here are my recent findings:

The "Badest Jack Ass Around"
"Indie Bands and Labels"

"Pen and Ink Portrait"

Listen to the Rain

Although today is sunny, the last few have been filled with thunderstorms, downpours, and mere sprinklings. The rain has always been special to me. While others love sunny days, I often hope for rain, even when there is no drought. Standing in an open field as the hard, cold rain splashes in your face is life-affirming.

Sitting inside while raindrops hit the roof can't be beat either. We tend to take these situations for granted, remaining in our bubbles, unaware of how important the rain really is. It revitalizes the earth. It revitalizes our spirits, perhaps promising escape from our daily lives. When the sun finally comes out, we are refreshed. We are ready to open our eyes.

In honor of the rain that never comes (or comes too often, depending on your opinion), I compiled a short list of my favorite rain songs. I hope to expand and revise this list, as I discover new songs, and as I come to terms with my conflicting feelings about the rain.

1). Whiskeytown  "Sit and Listen t…