In Anticipation of the Batman!: Building Controversy with the Pows! of a Legend

I'm listening to Damnation as I get ready to go see the new Batman film. I'm scared that it won't meet expectations. As one of the minority who believes that Batman Begins was superior to The Dark Knight, I don't know what to expect from The Dark Knight Rises. I want it to be old school. I don't want it to be anything like the Tim Burton films. Sorry, but I just can't see Jack Nicholson as the Joker. The man just played himself. He did a great job with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but as the Joker he was subpar. Even Heath Ledger did not capture the Joker of "Death in the Family;" he explained himself too much, and gave off a decided church lady vibe. Take that, Dana Carvey.

I'm hoping the new film will satisfy my youthful Batman needs. The original Tim Burton movie floored me as a kid. I never saw anything quite like it -- I collected the movie cards with relish; I still have all of them. I remember the first Batman comic that I ever read. His opponent was a two-bit thug called Crazy Quilt. It wasn't the best comic, but I was enthralled. Batman easily bested his unworthy adversary, and I quickly began buying Batman comics as I had previously snatched up Swamp Thing. The combination of Batman's quick wit and ass-kickery had me on the ropes. I read "A Death in the Family" and, later, the "Knightfall" saga with relish. The Batman truly haunted my dreams. Recently, I have fallen off the comic band wagon -- alternative comix hooked me, and I seldom read superhero stuff anymore. But I still hope that Christopher Nolan can hook me with this new film.
I want Bane to be as awesome as Two Face and the Joker in the last one. I also hope that Christian Bale doesn't take a backseat to the villains. He was maniacal in American Psycho; he should be maniacal as Batman. Nolan has taken the Dark Knight to a new level. Comic book fans and the average movie goer can rejoice as the Batman returns to his roots. The new movie should capture this feeling. Even with the addition of Catwoman and Bane, Nolan should be able to capture the feeling that Batman instills in his new fans. We should be led into a world where Batman is able to triumph for the good of Gotham city, without too many cheesy asides. Every Batman fan is looking forward to this one; let us hope that none of us are too disappointed. We don't want to feel like we did after Joel Schumacher had his way with the franchise.


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