The Rich will succeed in all they do.

Since I last blogged, lots of ridiculous stuff has gone down. I'm tired of my life and its direction. This blog is an evident attempt to pull myself up by my boot straps and really get down to some serious writing. Mostly it will be about life, adventures, and, most important of all, records.
Yes, I am creating just another music blog. Hopefully, I can add something to this old and tired genre. My goals are many, but the primary one is to write about one "lost scattershot, genre-crossing classic" a week, more or less. Not all of them will be genre-crossing. Hell, not all of them will be classics, at least in a traditional sense. But they will be records, that if not genre-bending or mind-blowing, have added something to the musical landscape that was not there before. (Don't they all). I hope to pick my favorites that skirt the borders of all those indie genres (psych, punk, hardcore, post-punk, post-hardcore, etc.) Sometimes I might even dedicate a blog to an album that has been glorified, but is either too good or needs to be evaluated under different, non-indie rock snob standards.
I know that I'm somewhat of a snob and I'm going to lay that right out on the table, because I think that there is room for snobbery in music taste. Just not the kind that turns off listeners and readers to the potentially great records they have discovered or have yet to discover. If you want that, you should be reading "The Rock-Snob's Dictionary." As hilarious as that book is, my mission is a little less "ironic." I want to explore great albums and discover new ones. The compulsion of a compassionate music fan is one of obsession. I've been obsessed with records for most of my life. This obsession is my reason for this blog. I hope to discover new obsessions and create another forum for conversation over good music. (We might even be able to discuss film, comix, what have you.)
Now that the self-aggrandizing bullshit is out of the way, as well as the Bangsian hyperbole, this mission statement is over. (Thank god, the peanut gallery shouts.) Let's get to what is really important, the records.


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