The Beastie Boys Book and How Music Shapes Us

I've been reading the Beastie Boys Book, and Luc Sante's introductory, "Beastie Revolution," gave me chills. He describes New York City in the 1980s in terms that bring the city to life. He explores the intersections of different culture, and how each defined the city, as background to The Beastie Boys' journey. His essay is a loving exploration of hip hop and the city that recalls Ed Piskor's graphic history, Hip Hop Family Tree. This passage resonates strongly; particularly, because it captures the impact of music on many of our lives:

     "Even if music isn't your gift or your strong suit you are obsessed with music, and even if you are
     completely incapable of making music yourself, you want to live inside it. It's the primary
     language of your time, the major medium of exchange, the principal commodity . . . it rules and
     shapes every moment of your life . . . and all the music around you is in the process of becoming
     one music, a great river of groove" (22).

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