365 Films in 2017 #25-35

25. Cutter's Way (1981), Ivan Passer, United Artists

26. Decline of Western Civilization (1981), Penelope Spheeris

27. The Wrecking Crew (2008), Denny Tedesco, Magnolia Pictures

28. I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016), Billy O'Brien, IFC Midnight

29. In Order of Disappearance (2014), Hans Petter Moland

30. Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation (2013), Laura Archibald

31. The Man Who Knew too Much (1956), Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount

32. Sabotage (1936), Alfred Hitchcock, GFD

33. The Intruder (1962), Roger Corman, Pathé-America Distrib.Co.

34. The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973), Peter Yates, Paramount

35. The Long Good Friday (1980), John Mackenzie, Paramount


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