Top Records 2016: Underappreciated Gems

I'm doing something different this year for my top list. I want to cover records that have not gotten appreciation or coverage that much, so I have devised a list that pulls from all genres without the usual suspects. However, a few might still make it because there are so many lists. This means that many records that would normally make my overarching list will be missing, yet I hope to cover them in short posts throughout next year. One goal is to do more "Track This" entries, as well as more reviews of my favorite stuff. I have noticed over the last few years that many lists are samey, and there are always records that slip through the cracks to put certain artists in high spots. I honestly admit that many of my choices also trend in certain directions. In recent years, I have a strong affinity for Americana and metal, while less attention has been paid to punk or indie. I've looked at a few lists this year for those genres and was at a complete loss. Also, I tend to not listen to that much hip hop, but I am always open to suggestions. Here's to listening to more music next year.

1. Jeff Rosenstock-Worry.

2. Two Cow Garage- Brand New Flag

3. Beth Orton - Kidsticks

4. Dex Romweber - Carrboro

5. Tonedeff - Polymer

6. Grant Lee Phillips - The Narrows

7. Lydia Loveless - Real

8. Beach Slang - A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

9. Carsie Blanton - So Ferocious

10. Neurosis-Fire Within Fires

11. Wrong-Wrong


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